Before considering treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids, first have a GI (gastrointestinal) or colorectal specialist confirm a hemorrhoid diagnosis. You want to make sure the bleeding is not caused by another medical condition such as colon polyps, colitis, or even colorectal cancer. Once the disorder is confirmed as bleeding hemorrhoids, a treatment plan from a Los Angeles specialist can be prescribed.

Treatment can range from a simple home remedy to a sophistical surgical procedure, and many people choose the home remedy first. However, your condition might be sufficiently advanced to require immediate professional medical care to save you from further discomfort and disruption.

How Are Bleeding Hemorrhoids Diagnosed?

You should consult a hemorrhoid specialist at the first signs of anal bleeding. This way, your condition can be diagnosed at an early stage and promptly treated with the least amount of inconvenience to you.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external, and of the two, external hemorrhoids can be diagnosed with a simple visual examination. This type forms under the skin surrounding the anus and usually causes itching and discomfort.

Internal hemorrhoids, however, cannot be examined quite as easily. Doctors use an “anoscope,” a slender tube with a light at the examining end. The tube is inserted, and the doctor, helped by the light from the anoscope, examines the rectum for hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are seldom painful since they develop in a part of the body with few pain-sensing nerves. For this reason, they are often overlooked.

What Are the Recommended Bleeding Hemorrhoid Treatments?

Treatment for mild to moderate conditions of external bleeding hemorrhoids can include over the counter ointments, creams, medicated pads or suppositories. Modifying your diet by increasing fiber intake and hydrating with water or juices are all techniques to loosen and soften stool for easier elimination.

Most external hemorrhoids can improve with simple remedies. Occasionally, however, if the condition doesn’t improve, it can worsen and turn into a thrombosed external hemorrhoid which is a blood clot in the hemorrhoid. If this happens, medical treatment is usually required to relieve the discomfort and swelling.

Internal hemorrhoids pose a challenge with home remedies since they cannot be easily reached and treated without assistance. If you’ve been diagnosed with internal bleeding hemorrhoids, treatments depend on the severity of the case. A minimally invasive procedure, sclerotherapy, is often used to inject a chemical solution into the tissue around the hemorrhoid. If the condition is severe and requires more extensive treatment, the doctor would perform a hemorrhoidectomy, which is a permanent removal of the hemorrhoid.

A widely used bleeding hemorrhoid treatment many Los Angeles doctors use is rubber band ligation. This is a minimally invasive painless procedure with the doctor placing a rubber band around the hemorrhoid. This cuts off circulation to the area and within a few days, the hemorrhoid naturally falls off and passes through the system.

Find Relief from Bleeding Hemorrhoids

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