If you are concerned about growths on the skin around your anus, you should know whether you are dealing with hemorrhoids or skin tags. These conditions have several differences, not only in how they occur, but in how they should be treated. The more you know about your condition, the better equipped you will be to seek out treatment from a hemorrhoid removal Los Angeles surgeon and recover as quickly as you can.

Differences in Creation

While skin tags may be found in the underarms, upper chest, neck, eyelids, and groin, they are often present around the anus as well. There is a high amount of skin-to-skin contact and friction in these areas, especially in middle-aged and elderly individuals, and this friction can lead to the formation of growths. Skin tags may also be left behind after some hemorrhoid treatments.

On the other hand, hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids can either be internal or external. Pressure on the veins, possibly from body weight, straining during bowel movements, or damage to the anus, causes the veins of the anal canal to swell and stretch, leading to the creation of hemorrhoids.

Knowing the Difference in Symptoms

While hemorrhoids and skin tags share some similarities, their symptoms differ in a number of ways.

Skin tags are commonly flesh colored or light brown and are either smooth or wrinkled. These formations may range anywhere in size from a tiny bump to the size of a grape. While injury may cause them to bleed, these growths do not typically need prompt medical care.

Unlike skin tags, hemorrhoids are frequently painful. Both internal and external hemorrhoids can cause bleeding during bowel movements, itching in the area, and rectal pain. A hemorrhoid removal Los Angeles doctor can examine you for these growths and determine the best course of treatment.

How to Treat Hemorrhoids and Skin Tags

Skin tags are growths on the skin around the anus that do not pose a health risk. However, they may be a malignant or cancerous growth. A skilled doctor will be able to determine if there is any danger associated with the growth. In most cases, skin tags can be quickly removed through burning or freezing therapies. In some cases they require a more in-depth surgical procedure.

While some creams and ointments can alleviate the symptoms of hemorrhoids, they cannot remove more severe growths completely. There are a variety of hemorrhoid treatments available, including ligation and hemorrhoidectomy, which can completely remove these conditions and permanently eliminate the pain they cause.

Finding the Right Hemorrhoid Removal Team

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