Two types of hemorrhoids can affect patients. These are called internal and external hemorrhoids. An internal hemorrhoid exists inside the lining of the rectum. This type of hemorrhoid can affect patients without them even realizing. Although often painless, internal hemorrhoids can also procedure symptoms such as itching, throbbing, and blood in the stool.

External hemorrhoids appear on the outside of the anus. They occur when a veins swells up and fills with blood. External hemorrhoids are typically easier to recognize than internal hemorrhoids because they are visible and can often be felt. Common symptoms of external hemorrhoids include blood on the toilet paper or in the stool, as well as an itchy or sometimes raw feeling.

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Hemorrhoid Treatment in Beverly Hills

Hemorrhoid treatment often begins with noninvasive at-home methods. These include creams, suppositories, and medicated pads. While many patients will experience relief from these at-home methods, other patients may require surgical intervention.

A number of surgical options exist for patients looking to deal with painful or annoying hemorrhoids. The most common forms of Beverly Hills hemorrhoid treatment include:

  • Sclerotherapy — This is a quick and safe procedure for treating hemorrhoids. It involves injecting a solution into the hemorrhoid in order to shrink and eliminate it. This procedure is only available for internal hemorrhoids.
  • Hemorrhoidectomy — This is a surgical procedure that is done to remove hemorrhoids. During hemorrhoidectomy the hemorrhoid is cut out and the remaining area stapled closed to cut off the blood flow.
  • Hemorrhoid banding — This is a procedure in which a rubber band is placed around the hemorrhoid, cutting off the blood flow and killing the hemorrhoid.

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