Internal hemorrhoids can cause a great deal of pain, bleeding, and discomfort. Although many internal hemorrhoids improve on their own, certain cases require medical intervention. If you’re experiencing moderate to severe hemorrhoids, you may want to consider the painless hemorrhoid banding ligation procedure to remove them.

The experienced colorectal surgeons and GI specialists at La Peer Health Systems’ Hemorrhoid Center of Excellence are experts in the procedure known as hemorrhoid band ligation, or simply hemorrhoid banding. To learn more about this treatment, schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles facility today by calling (888) 742-2032.

Painless Internal Hemorrhoid Treatment

hemorrhoid-rubber-band-ligation-los-angelesHemorrhoid band ligation is a relatively simple and painless procedure. During hemorrhoid banding, our experienced doctors will use a gentle suction motion to hold the hemorrhoid in place so that a small rubber band can be looped around the base. The goal is to cut off hemorrhoid from its blood supply. Within a few days, the hemorrhoid will fall off and pass with a bowel movement.

After the hemorrhoid has fallen off, the resulting wound will heal itself within a few days. Patients sometimes experience a sensation of slight dull pressure or rectal fullness for up to 24 hours following the procedure.

Patients will leave the office in absolutely no pain. If patients are in pain after hemorrhoid banding, the band is probably too tight. If that is the case, let us know so that we can loosen it up for you. Patients also do not usually experience bleeding. If this rare complication were to occur, you should contact the Hemorrhoid Center of Excellence immediately.

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Rubber Band Ligation Is Very Safe

Hemorrhoid banding ligation has a high success rate. Additionally, with a reduced rate of complications and rate of hemorrhoid reoccurrence among patients, there is a lot to like about the procedure. More reasons to choose hemorrhoid banding include:

  • Traditional banding techniques uses metal-toothed clamps, which carry a higher risk of pain and bleeding.
  • The instruments used small, and making for a more comfortable procedure for patients.
  • The surgical instruments are also single use and 100% disposable. This leads to less risk of contamination and infection.
  • Patients do not undergo anesthesia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be in pain during the procedure?

A: No pain or discomfort should be felt during banding ligation. After the procedure, patients can experience a full feeling or dull pressure in the lower abdomen.

Q: When can I leave the facility after my banding procedure?

A: Hemorrhoid banding can be performed at a doctor’s office without anesthesia, so you will be able to drive home after the procedure.

Q: How long will it take the hemorrhoid to fall off?

A: The hemorrhoid will usually die and fall off within one week.

Q: For what types of hemorrhoids are rubber band ligation treatments effective?

A: Rubber band ligation is most effective for persistent internal hemorrhoids.

Q: How do I know when to call a doctor after having a banding procedure?

A: You should see your doctor if you experience severe pain, a fever, or bleeding after hemorrhoid banding ligation. When in doubt, you should always contact a medical professional for more information.

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